Sacrifice Phase

Get X-Points

Sacrifice Crypto to Get X-Points With A Volume Bonus
That Become BankX Tokens 1:1 At The Launch!

90 Day Sacrifice Phase Ends In...

X-Point Volume Bonus

  • Day 1 – 40:    5X Point Bonus
  • Day 41 – 50:  4X Point Bonus
  • Day 51 – 60:  3X Point Bonus
  • Day 61 – 70:  2X Point Bonus
  • Day 71 – 90:  1.5X Point Bonus <—<—

Sacrifice Price Per X-Point

The sacrifice price will begin at 1 cent per x-point.

The price increases 1.5% per day from Day 2-90.

Minimum sacrifice is $50.

Sacrifice Information

By sacrificing your cryptocurrency, you earn X-Points which later will be converted to BankX Tokens 1:1.  By participating in the Sacrifice Phase, you will receive a volume bonus in X-Points.  X-Points have no value.  BankX tokens will have no value at the launch of BankX.  Each X-Point increases the supply of BankX Tokens until the end of the 90 day sacrifice phase.  Sacrificers will have 75% of the total supply based on the X-Points they own proportionately.  5% will go to the BankX team.  20% will be staked in the BankX Certificate of Deposit for the benefit of the BankX system.  (Potential idea for the use of these BankX Tokens:  Provide Liquidity in DEX’s.  Shortly after the launch of BankX, use of the 20% BankX Tokens will be announced.)

You are sacrificing your cryptocurrency as a political statement of your strong belief that central banks should not be privately owned.  Rather than benefiting a few, currencies should be minted by and benefit the individual.  In 1944, 44 allied nations met in Bretton Wood, New Hampshire to all agree that the USD would be the medium of exchange for global trade since the USA was the only country at the time able to back the USD with gold.  In 1971, the USA removed the gold standard allowing the privately held central bank to print currency out of thin air and charge American citizens interest.

Referral Program:  Get 25% more X-Points for each friend that you refer that sacrifices cryptocurrency.  Maximum of 12 friends so you have the potential to 3X your X-Points.  Once you sacrifice your cryptocurrency, you can participate in our referral program by signing up.

The Goal of BankX

We have created a bankless, decentralized stablecoin where the people mint it and earn interest, rather than the central bankers.  The longer the BankX Silver Dollar (XSD) you mint is in circulation, the more interest you earn in the form of BankX Tokens.  We have also created a Certificate of Deposit where you earn more BankX Tokens for staking BankX Tokens.  We have designed XSD to peg to the price of 1 gram of silver, being the best store of value.  There is no physical silver in a vault but rather XSD is backed by other cryptocurrencies allowing the system to be fully decentralized.  XSD is designed to be the reserve cryptocurrency, an overlay currency that you can use to buy any cryptocurrency and any cryptocurrency can buy XSD and BankX tokens.  XSD will also be the medium of exchange for global trade driving tremendous demand to mint XSD.   THE CODE IS DONE.  Once BankX is deployed to the Blockchain, it will decentralize the capabilities of central reserve banks to benefit the individual.


You are sacrificing cryptocurrency to prove how strongly you believe that central reserve banks should not be privately owned but controlled by and benefit the individual.  This is an important political statement.  You must have no expectation of profit.  You are not relying on the work of others.  Those who have sacrificed cryptocurrency to show their commitment to this political statement make a great group of people to airdrop free things.  X-Points are designed to have no monetary value.  Remember, you are not buying anything, the world is just noticing you are among a group of people that sacrificed cryptocurrency to make a political statement.  Some countries tax their citizens when they receive things of value.  BankX is designed to start with no value, which is the best scenario for the group of people who get free things.  Consult your own legal and financial professionals, as nothing written here should be considered legal advice.  FULL DISCLAIMER CLICK HERE.